Train station platforms typically vary in height relative to the train floor level. To board the train, wheelchair passengers are currently required to proceed to the dedicated access points on the platform and wait for the train driver to exit his cabin to provide a boarding and exiting ramp.

Passengers are then asked to let the driver know which station they need to exit in order for the process to be repeated. Made with high strength composite materials, Exel’s modular access system provides a durable and cost- effective solution. Design features include adjustable height capability and crossfall away from the tracks to ensure the safe, easy access of pushchairs, prams and wheelchair passengers.

Your benefits

  • Built-in crossfall away from the track ensures pushchairs, prams and wheelchairs cannot roll accidentally into the path of oncoming trains
  • Adjustable height system accommodates lift requirements of all stations
  • High strength, lightweight, composite, modular components require no heavy lifting equipment
  • Overnight installation means minimal disruption and significant cost savings
  • Professional look and safe, non-slip surface