Current and proposed legislation demands higher energy performance for new homes, public & commercial properties.
Similar formats are being introduced for refurbishment of older properties. Composite profiles can replace or be used together with traditional materials for better performance, like PVC, aluminium and wood. Exel Composites is working in close operation with its’ customers to develop solutions that always ensure the highest energy efficiency utilizing the excellent mechanical properties of composites.

Composite profiles are typically used

  • Window frames
  • Sliding doors
  • Door frames
  • Door sills
  • Skylights and domelights
  • Alu thermally broken profiles
  • PVC window stiffeners
  • Steel doors and door edges

Thermal Efficiency

  • The make-up of Exel Composites' profiles is mainly glass fibre
  • Glassfibre is an excellent insulating Material - it does not conduct heat or cold, thus ensuring thermal efficiency of the composite
  • Exel Composite profiles do not require the "thermal breaks" necessary with aluminium windows
  • Coefficient of thermal expansion is similar to glass

Dimensionally Stable

  • Exel composites show no brittleness at low temperature and remain unchanged at high temperatures
  • Exel composites have expansion/contraction rate of 1/6 of PVC and 1/3 of aluminium, making it an ideal alternative to aluminium, PVC and timber
  • Extra low thermal movement, stable at all temperatures, high or low
  • Resistant to water, unaffected by sustained saturation or moisture

Lasting Performance with Composites

  • Does not rust, rot or warp
  • A strong, self reinforced structural composite, performs extremely well in all demanding environments
  • Can be painted with a range of readily available paint systems
  • Low embodied energy, far lower than steel, aluminium or PVC

Contemporary Style

  • Aesthetic appeal – slimmer profiles for windows allow greater glass area and less intrusive sight lines
  • Compatible – Composite windows and doors profile designs accommodate accomodate standard locks, handles, hinges and accessories